Challenge Accepted: a belted Slouchy Cardi with D&H Fabrics Co

One chilly morning last month a non-sewing friend of mine turned up wearing the cutest cardigan wrapped and belted in matching sweater knit. “Ooh,” I said excitedly. “I really need to make something like that.” “But could you?” was her skeptical reply. “You can tell the fabric was woven specially to the width of the belt.” “Ha ha ha,” sneered my inner Barney Stinson. Challenge accepted.


A couple of weeks later the perfect opportunity arose to fulfill my vision. I was fortunate enough to be chosen by Tammy to be part of this blog tour (my first, yay!) and she said she had some sweater knit coming back in stock. It seemed perfect for the Peppermint Magazine Slouchy Cardi I had in mind (it’s free and has pockets!), so I ordered a yard and a half in black. I have no problem admitting I’m terrible at laundry so while I “never” put my handmade knits in the dryer as a rule, I always machine dry them once after pre-washing just in case they slip in later by accident. This Cozy Cloud sweater knit is 55% Rayon 25% Nylon 20% Poly and has an insanely soft cashmere-esque hand. If you really want to retain that feel, you will not want to put in the dryer. I’ve used a very similar fabric before, so I knew this and decided to throw it in anyway. It’s definitely not as soft but still very cozy and it was the right choice for me since I know what I’m capable of!


For my cardigan, I chose size B shortened by 4 inches, cut out the pieces with pattern weights & scissors and sewed up the whole thing on my serger. The fabric behaves beautifully with no unraveling or curling and clings together in such a way that requires minimal pinning- always a plus! For the belt I cut a long rectangle to the desired length x double the width and stabilized one half with a fusible knit interfacing. I serged both long sides, turned it out, tucked in the short ends and stitched them closed with a narrow zigzag. In hindsight I may have interfaced the entire belt, as I prefer the look and feel of the stabilized and learn!

I decided to to secure the belt with thread chain loops at both side seams so that I can decide on a whim to wear it open if I like. Thread chains are so fun and easy to make and I’m super pleased with the result.

I’m sure you’d agree there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing a vision to life and showing the doubtful that there’s nothing a determined sewist can’t do. Thanks so much to D&H Fabrics for collaborating with me on this project! Tammy is such a passionate, involved small business owner, I definitely recommend checking out what she’s got in stock!


xo April