Late to the party, and how I got here

Hello there and welcome!  Sure, I may be a decade late but I've never minded being slightly out of fashion.  In this space you can expect to find pretty pictures of my handmade wardrobe and helpful anecdotes about the process.

The short story:  In late 2013 I received a secondhand sewing machine and was eager to fulfill a lifelong dream of making my own clothes.  The only problem was that I had exactly zero training and some very grand plans.  I turned to the interwebs for guidance and was elated to come across tutorials from veterans like Tasia at Sewaholic and Lauren at Lladybird.  From them I learned so many things, like how to add inseam pockets or a lapped zipper.  They were young, relatable and funny with some serious sewing chops and such a willingness to share and teach.  I was inspired, and just...grateful.  Honestly, I'm certain I would never have achieved what I have so far without them and so many others.  

So why the blog?  Why now?  A couple of reasons, really.  First, I hope that I may in some small way help a new group of intrepid sewists along on their journey.  You, know pay it forward and keep that free exchange of information going.  And second, I think I could benefit from the mindful consideration it takes to catalog each project.  To take a break before rushing on to the next thing and reflect.  My plan is to blog each new make and share anything that you might find helpful and inspiring.

Sewing is empowering and with the right resources, you can absolutely make ANYTHING you want.  Subscribe! Comment! Question!  I'm so glad to have you around.

Until next time...


wearing: Grainline Studio Archer in striped chambray from Joann Stores

wearing: Grainline Studio Archer in striped chambray from Joann Stores